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What's Fortify all about? In a nutshell, we make the World of Work work a little better. If you're the heir to a massive fortune, we're very happy for you - have a wonderful life.

For everyone else, we help people find the right kind of work for them, navigate their way through the minefield of the modern job-hunt and then keep the skids well-greased once they are in that job. If you are coming out of a job due to downsizing or restructuring, we can guide you through a formal outplacement programme (funded by your employer) or privately assist with the best of job-hunting advice.

Very little of what we do falls under the category of Rocket Science - it turns out we're not quite that clever. Rather, we will help you find pragmatic, simple solutions to the kinds of problem everyone faces in their working life. It's all about preparation, communication and presentation.

Our MD was asked to distil what we do here at Fortify in an interview with

"In a nutshell – career management. We serve as a sounding board for our clients - whether it be a job-hunter who just isn't quite making it, a CEO who is rehearsing a vital presentation and wants the unvarnished truth in feedback, or someone who is newly-appointed to a position and wants to talk about a problem they are having without revealing that concern to anyone working for their employer."

In slightly more formal terms, we're a broad-based consultancy service providing tailored assistance and training to organisations and individuals at all levels (harumph!) We work one-on-one with private clients and also for employers both in the public service and private sector.

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke programmes to both our Private and Corporate clients. If your concern is not directly addressed on this site, please contact us and if we can't help you, we'll always do our best to point you in the right direction ...

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